3 Important Things For What Women Find Attractive In Men

What Women Find Attractive - The Art of Seducing Women

There’s a lot of different things that women find to be attractive in men. You may find yourself trying to figure out what women find attractive, and that’s not an easy thing to do. The reason why it’s not so simple is because all women are different. When you start to think that they are all the same, you’re going to lose out on the bigger picture. It’s with that in mind that you will want to explore some general tips in regards to figuring out just what women find attractive. You’ll find that the following things are going to help you gain the right elements, and perhaps get the woman of your dreams.

Smelling Good

Ok, if there’s a universal element for what women find attractive, you’ll find that smelling good is a great thing. You’re going to find few women that don’t like a good smelling man. Now, in regards to the scent, that’s another story. You will need to consider several options when you’re thinking about cologne. You shouldn’t dose yourself too much either, use a little bit here and there. Find a scent that works with your style and that gets you attention, but don’t overdo it.

Clothes That Are Your Size

Don’t wear undersized or oversized clothing. If you can, find a tailor and custom fit your clothing. This is a good thing. You may not think about what women find attractive in regards to clothing, but it’s a good thing. Not all women pay attention to this, but when you’re wearing clothing that are made for just you, they’ll notice. Most men don’t think about this, and that’s why many don’t end up getting hot girls. If you want hot women, wear clothing that not only fits, but that complements your body type. Again, a tailor can help you here.


One of the most attractive things today is standing out. If you’re looking at learning what women find attractive, you need to look at those that stand out. The men that stand out today are the ones that are very polite. They aren’t cursing, they are opening doors, they are treating women with respect and they are not controversial in any way. They are polite in all their dealings, and they are attractive to women. If you can move in this direction, you will see good things come your way in terms of dating, that’s for sure.

You don’t need to overthink all of this. You need to focus on things that you can do to ensure that you are different. If you are different than other men in the lives of women, they will no doubt follow along with whatever you would like to do, including date, and even start a relationship. You have to put yourself in their shoes sometimes, and think about what attracts them to men. You can’t be the bad boy all the time, which is why the list above is not in reference to that notion. Instead, try to be the good guy, and focus on the things that work within the above list.

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