Breaking Down What To Text A Girl To Make Her Smile

Texting can seem so impersonal at times. Many people think that they know what they are doing in this regards, but honestly, they don’t. If you’re texting girls and aren’t getting far, chances are you’re not saying things that are making them smile. If your goal is to text a girl to make her smile, then you will need to focus on a few tips and tricks. The following is going to help you not only text more often, but get her attention so that she’s interested in you. You can definitely pull at her heart strings if you just focus on a few simple elements.

Short and Sweet Texts

First and foremost, in order to really figure out what to text a girl to make her smile, you are going to need to keep things short. Don’t go on epic texts back and forth, unless she’s that type of person. Usually, texting is short, sweet and to the point. In this regards, make sure that you compliment her. Something as simple as the way she uses emoticons, or how she shortens phrases, or words can help you get her attention and get her smiling. Praising her prowess at tech is a good thing.

Chime In Randomly

When you know her routine a bit, chime and say hello. Don’t push it, and don’t overthink the notion of what to text a girl to make her smile. Instead, just say that you were randomly thinking about her and wanted to say hello. If she wants to chat more, she will, and if not, she’ll look at your text and smile. Sometimes it’s easy to get a smile if you just say a kind thing to her. Chiming in randomly and saying that she is on your mind will come across as special, since not everyone does this.

Send Her Positive Quotes

Want to go beyond a simple text? Look up inspirational quotes, and then text them to her. As you look into what to text a girl to make her smile, make sure that you look for positive quotes, and tell her that the quote reminded you of her. You will need to pull some unique options here, and don’t just go with the popular options. If you go with something too popular, she’s going to know the quote and possibly not connect with it as much. When in doubt, put out song lyrics and say that you were listening to a song that reminded you of her. Sometimes in order to figure out what to text a girl to make her smile, you need to listen to music and listen to lyrics, it helps.

Texting can be impersonal. However, you can make it a bit more personal if you attach some emotional elements to it. By simply looking for what to text a girl to make her smile, you’re already making that connection point. Just make sure that you don’t text so much that you bug her, and don’t try to overcomplicate what you say. If you absolutely can’t figure this all out, don’t panic, call her. Sometimes you have to bridge the gap a bit before you can really figure out what to text a girl to make her smile.

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