What Girls Want Men To Wear?

First impression on a woman, especially one that you would want to date, will most definitely determine your success rate in actually taking her out on a date. From the moment you say “Hello” to her, she is going to size you up from head to toe; knowing women, they see everything. “What girls want men to wear” is one ideology that every man in the dating scene should keep tabs on. What you wear is going to be your cover. Investing on your physical appearance will speak volumes on your behalf. We all want to be with someone who looks better than good anyway…

What girls want men to wear will vary from one girl to another. Despite this, there are standards that all girls want men to achieve in what they wear that I might say are universal to all of them.

What girls want men to wear:


“Shoes are the window to your style.” Shoes will always give away your lifestyle interests and how much you invest in your appearance. It will also give away qualities you might have be it laziness, ignorance, tidiness, how serious you take yourself… Simply put, shoes are rats; they will give you and all you have away. Investing in shoes and taking time to keep them tidy will work to your advantage. As man, it will always be advisable to keep both casual and formal collections of shoes. I would advise you to always wear formal ones when you meeting a date. Fashion rules apply.


Women prefer men with a sense of fashion, style or class. More leverage if you have all of them. You should always choose clothes that will compliment your body, skin color, shoes and accessories. Some women will prefer their men wearing casual chic clothes say some jeans, shirt and a blazer; while others would be awed by a more formal look say a suit and a tie. Always choose fitting clothes that you are comfortable in. The golden rule here is to dress to impress.


A classy wrist watch, a bow tie, a scarf, and suspenders will work in your favor as part of accessorizing. Accessories will complement the outfit you have on and your look in general. Women will be drawn by accessories you have worn, more so if they rhyme with your clothes and overall look.


A natural scent will work wonders for you in any environment but we do not all have that natural perfume smell. Investing in quality perfume, body sprays and roll on come into play. Cheap scents will cost you more than a date. Irritating scents might do the same. Wear a scent that will most likely not irritate you or the people around you.


Like your shoes, your hair will give away who you are and how you live. “…guy’s hair can reveal a lot about what is going on in his head-and heart.” Despite your hair being long or short, there is always a style for it to match your whole look. Dirty greasy unkempt looking hair will always be a turnoff.

What girls want men to wear will be determined by the girl in question. Different girls will want different things to pull off different looks. As a man, you will need to know what the particular girl likes or would like. Despite this, you can always achieve any look following the simple guidelines. It will always work to you advantage to pull surprises with your looks.

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