Ways To Get Out of The Friend Zone

Ways To Get Out of The Friend Zone

There is a place that could get you stuck when trying to date. Many men have faced off against it, and you may face it head on. That dreaded area is the friend zone. This is an area where you are not going to be able to get beyond simple social dates. You will not be going to bed with the girl you like, and you will not be dating her in the way you want. In fact, if you don’t discover ways to get out of friend zone, you’re going to get stuck. Millions are trying to figure out just how to get out of friend zone, but they aren’t sure how. Well, today you will learn a few direct ways to get moving away from this.

Be Up Front From Day One

When you first meet a girl, don’t push the friendship button. In fact, do not even consider the notion of having to get out of friend zone. Instead, think about terms that are specifically for dating. Ask her out and tell her that you would love to be in a relationship with her. Don’t tell her in those exact words, but tell her that you’re looking for something more than friends. If you are open from day one, she will be thinking differently. If she says that you would be better off as friends, you can definitely move forward with that, but slowly pull yourself away. Eventually, she should get the hint.

Don’t Let The Friendship Form

Unless you are explicitly planning on being friends with her, don’t let it happen. The best way to get out of friend zone is to not let friendships form. This sounds cruel but it’s important overall. You want to make sure that you are stepping away from this issue, and you are instead focusing on something more. If you look at the friendzone as a place you don’t want to be, then don’t be friends with someone. Let them know that you can’t be friends and walk away. This is a direct way to get out of friend zone.

Be Romantic

You have to make a move. You cannot just go out with someone several times and not try to make a move. Try to hold her hand, put your arm around her, and even kiss her. If you guys can’t get to a point where you’re kissing, then you are not going to get moving away from the friend zone at all. There are a lot of ways that you can chase the notion of a relationship, and making a move is a good thing. If you’re going to get out of friend zone, you need to be romantic, simple as that.

It’s easy to consider options regarding how to get out of friend zone, but in the end, you have to decide you don’t want to be friends. If you like someone enough to be friends, throw out your aspirations for anything more. Otherwise, you’re going to be hurt when you are only friendly and that’s it.

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