The Best Compliments For Girls To Get Their Attention

The Best Compliments For Girls To Get Their Attention

When you’re dating, you’re going to have to compliment girls that you like. Now, some take this too far. You don’t want to push things too hard, and you don’t want to seem like you use the same lines on every girl that you encounter. Instead, you’re going to need to consider being real, even if you use the same line on other girls. This may sound like a dichotomy, but it’s not. It’s just a matter of focusing on what works, and what doesn’t. The following can help you figure out just what the best compliments for girls are today.

The Smile

The first thing to consider amidst the best compliments for girls is in regards to their smile. If you find that someone has a nice smile, mention it. Talk about how dynamic it is, and how it looks. Talk about how it is genuine and that it made you want to know them. Don’t talk about color, teeth, or anything like that, but rather focus on the larger element. That it makes them seem dynamic, electric, and things in that regards.

Earrings, Glasses, and Accessories

One of the best things that you can do when you’re trying to compliment women is to discuss what they have on their person or with them. Amidst the best compliments for girls, you’ll find that you can talk about a girls’ earrings, glasses, and even accessories that they have with them. If you know the brand, or the style, you will get extra points, and will get a girl to smile. Girls don’t wear and carry things just because, they do so with purpose. The fact that you notice will help you move along, and gain traction in nearly any conversation. If your goal is to attach yourself to a girl, even for a night, the best compliments for girls can be great with this solution.

The Laugh

If you’re talking with a girl and you can make them laugh, you’re on your way to something grand. Making a girl laugh is a great thing. As you look for the best compliments for girls, consider the laugh that a girl has. If you can get them to really laugh, deep belly laughs, compliment them on it. You’ll find that most are shy about it, and will not really like their own laughs, but you can mention that you find it genuine, and interesting. You could even say it makes them cuter, and they’ll of course smile and play with the notion. Sometimes, the best compliments are the simple things that make us all human, and laughter is one of them.

The above are just some of the best compliments for girls. You can use them, and see how it goes, but just remember to remain calm and patient. Be confident when you say these things, and pay attention to what a girl has on, what she laughs at, what she’s drinking, and who she is with. When you focus on the bigger picture, you’ll no doubt see good things come through.

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