The Steps To Becoming A Master Seducer

When it comes to getting with a lot more women, you’ll need to know the art of seduction. Now, there are a lot of men that think that they know this, but chances are they don’t. Most men just focus on the “short” game. They look for a phone number, a date, and then try to score. That’s not what this is about. If you are going to get further along than most, you’re going to need to focus on steps to becoming a master seducer. There are several things that you can do to start this quest, and if you’re truly going to follow steps to becoming a master seducer, you’ll need to be ready to go for things a little longer than most.

You Need To Step Up Your “Game”

Before you start on the steps to becoming a master seducer, you need to be absolutely flawless in your schedule. This means that you should span your 24 hours out, and know exactly what you are going to be doing at all times. If you can control your time, you will be able to control other aspects of your life. Make sure that you work on yourself, clean, cook, groom, and work out. You have to be a well-versed individual, because that’s how you’re going to need to approach becoming a seducer. You cannot seduce anyone if you don’t have control over your own time, simple as that.

Listen To The Cues That Women Give You

Everyday women talk in public, and they talk about all sorts of things. They even tell others what they are looking for in a man, and what smells, tastes, and other elements that drive them wild. You need to focus on listening and taking note of these things. When you hear these things, take a mental note, and then adapt to it. When a woman tells someone that their favorite sent is “sandalwood” for instance, you have to adapt. Subtly slip that into your lifestyle, and you’ll find that she’ll be drawn to you out of the blue. Focus on these little things and your steps to becoming a master seducer will be easier to manage.

Don’t Push Sex

Seduction is not about sex. You have to throw this notion out. Women today are getting pushed for sex more than ever before, and it’s rare to find a man that doesn’t want it. You have to balance yourself into a position where you want sex, but you aren’t going to push or force. You need to actually walk away from the initial encounter. If you can do this, she’ll want it more, and you’ll be right where you want to be in regards to the steps to becoming a master seducer.

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