Simple Signs She Loves You

When you’ve been dating someone for some time, you may be wondering if they truly like you or it’s something more. Understanding the signs she loves you can be tough sometimes. Not all women show their love in the same way. You could think that they do, but are they showing you things that point towards that? It’s something that you should consider as you move forward with any relationship. If your goal is long term, and even marriage, knowing whether or not she truly adores you is something that you are going to want to figure out. With that in mind, consider the following simple signs she loves you.

She Does Things For You

Amidst the signs she loves you is that element where she does things for you. Now, you should be capable of doing things yourself, but she wants to do them for you, and she doesn’t complain about them. You have to reciprocate a little, but you will find that if she cares she will do “wife” things before you’re even married. That includes doing your laundry, cooking, and even cleaning. Now, you shouldn’t take this for granted, and you shouldn’t be a slob, but rather watch to see if she offers to do these things without complaining. That is a true sign of love.

She Surprises You With Food At Work

One of the clear messages amidst signs she loves you is that of surprising you with food. While you’re at work, does she show up with your favorite? Does she bring you a burrito with everything on it? Does she bring you your favorite dish from a deli? Or does she make food for you and brings it to work? Whatever the case is, food is always a sign that someone loves you, especially if they deliver it to you while you’re working.

Planning The Future

If you’re looking at whether or not signs she loves you, think about the conversations you have with her. Does she plan the future with you? Seriously. Do you talk about kids, marriage, and other things along those lines? If she doesn’t love you, you won’t get very far with these conversations. Women that aren’t truly in love with someone aren’t going to give these conversations a lot of time. They’ll try to circumvent talking about it, and they will not give you a lot of information about how to progress forward. It’s with that in mind that you should always see if they will plan with you.

Obviously, the above signs she loves you are just a stepping stone. There’s a lot more to explore when it comes to figuring out whether or not she truly is in love. However, you can find the information you are seeking if you pay attention. When in doubt, ask her. If she responds favorably, you’ll find that the love you share with her is great. Of course, brace yourself for the reality that she may not love you. No matter what, you will find that she will showcase her true feelings in time.