Have you ever been completely helpless and stun in front of a girl that you lost your words? This is just one of the several scenarios you can think of when it comes to boys dating girls. Boys usually feel intimidated underneath their manliness and this can be really frustrating indeed. So here are some tips on how you can talk to girls on your date and some other preparations you wish to consider.

Rule 1

First and foremost, nail that good impression. Girls are not just the only ones thinking about what clothes they should wear when they go out for a date or when they meet someone. Boys, it pays to look at yourself in front of the mirror and judge whether she will like your clothes or not. Pull off something comfortable to wear but not too slack as to bordering informality.

Part of first impression is the manner of gesture and how you carried yourself well in front of a girl. Though you are living in such a modern world, opening the door for her, offering your hands as she steps down the stair can be very courteous and would surely please her.

Rule 2

Confidence is everything, but too much of it can border arrogance. When talking or trying to start a conversation, talk about something that you might share the same interest with. Simple and easy topics can balance the tension and can help you open each other up better. Talk about something that you are both familiar with. If you have done our research ahead of time, you can talk about something that might be interesting to her.

Rule 3

Choose a local bar or coffee shop that is both convenient for you and her. Make sure that the ambiance is fine and casual, not too loud, but not deserted. Choose a place where you can both have a good time with. Perhaps asking her favorite bar can also be an advantage.

Rule 4

Do come prepared. Like any soldier preparing for a battle,in how to talk to girls needs planning and preparations. Get yourself a haircut, iron your clothes, sport nice and casual attire, and apply a perfume that is not too hard (please) as it can turn off any girl.

Rule 5

This is the part where your friends can be of aid to you. If you have doubts, always consult your friends as they can give you a spoonful of advice on how to talk to girls as well as to take just before you approach the front door. Ask them about what they think of your attire for example or the place you are taking your girl out to.

Talking to girls is just a matter of confidence, manners and nice topics to talk about. Again, make sure you are talking about familiar things as it is dangerous to start talking about something strange to you. If that happens, just be honest and politely admit that you are not familiar with the topic.

There are 5 rules about how to talk to girls you like with a stress free mind: –

1. Choose your question cleverly. Don’t ask those questions which makes girl bored. For example: Do you like this club, have you come here before?

2. Make yourself comfortable with silence. A man who is comfortable with silence always shows certain amount of strength.

3. Stop yourself from being head nodder. How much you try to find yourself agreeing with everything she says. Believe it, woman cannot stand with man who always hides his opinions and views because it is so much boring thing for woman.

4. Always try to make a connection with girl you like. Make a connection doesn’t mean that you find thing in her that are common. Make a connection mean always try to make a connection with her on emotional level rather than just an artificial one how to talk to girls.

5. Always try to listen to her. Don’t try to ignore her while conversation. So you have to answer or reply every time when she is talking to you. Conversational skills matter a lot because it enables them to talk with every girl they want. So make yourself good in conversations.

So, If you want to talk with girl you like, you have to follow these rules and make yourself free from anxiety and stress free when it come to how to talk to girls .

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