How To Get A Girls Number

When it comes to dating, you cannot just rely on online options. Yes, they can help, but you’re going to need to learn how to get a girls number the traditional way. Online, you can feel a bit safer, which is always why people push the notion of going to the net to ask for dates. You shouldn’t just rely on this, however, as it is not going to help you garner any favors. Instead, look at focusing on how to get a girls number in the real world. The following tips, for example are going to help you so that you can ask anyone you meet.

Get Ready For Rejection

Before we go any further on how to get a girls number, you should first be ready for rejection. You may get rejected. This is a fact of life. No matter how you look at it, you’re going to face off with people that do not want to give you their number. That’s ok. Not everyone is going to be the person that you date. If you can get over this quickly, you’re going to go far in the world of dating. Once you get ready for this, you’re ready to learn how to get a girls number.

Ask Straight Up

When you encounter a single lady, just go up to them and ask for their number. Ask politely, and don’t just shock them with the question. Say something nice about them, and that you would love to chat and perhaps get to know them better. They will have a split second to decide whether or not to give you their number. If you are bold, and you are confident, they will agree and you can easily get their number. Once you have that, be gone. Don’t linger, and don’t stick around, find anywhere to go and do anything else. In regards to how to get a girls number, you have to get the number and run.

Give Them Your Phone

On your screen saver for your phone, have something cute. Have a kitten, or a puppy, and when you ask for their number, give them your phone. Ask them to put their number in your phone, and when they see your screen saver, they’ll see that you’re a nice guy. Remember, nice guys may finish last, but they finish, and that’s the important thing here. If you’re serious about learning how to get a girls number, then this is going to be very important. Give them your phone as a sign of trust, and make sure that you have something cute up front.

Overall, the above are simple ways to get going in getting a girls number. You don’t have to overthink it. Just ask. If they say no, that’s fine. Move on. You can’t dwell on whether or not someone likes you in this manner. You need to ask, and get the number, then oblige in contacting them, simple as that. Done right, you’re going to see a great movement forward in this regards. It’s a great thing.