6 Advices From Women To Men On How To Get A Girl To Like You

How to get a girl to like you

When it comes to dating, you’re going to need to look into a few things that give the person you’re with the hints that you like them, and get them to like you. If you aren’t sure how to get girl to like you, then you are not alone. Many men wonder how to do this, and few know how to get it done properly. It’s for that simple reason that you may want to look into the following simple plan to get a girl to like you today.

Walk Slowly With Her

The first tip that you can start working is simple. It requires you to go on a date with her in which you’re walking hand in hand, or at least close. Don’t walk fast. Slow down your speed, and walk with her, without her wanting to speed up or having to follow you. When you walk slowly, especially around a park or museum, you’re going to get her to pay attention to you and will no doubt get her to like you a lot more. This is a great thing. Don’t make her chase you and don’t walk so slow she’s annoyed. Find a steady pace with her, and she may even reach for your hand to hold.

Do Not Put Yourself Down

The worst thing that you can do is put yourself down. At the same time, you don’t want to go too high on the confidence scale. You want to find a way to tactfully talk about your life, and your skill set. However, not so heavily that it becomes bragging. There’s a fine line here, and it’s something that you will no doubt want to introduce through the course of conversation. Just remember, don’t put yourself down, or you will find that you will not get girl to like you, and she’ll want to walk away overall.

Pay Attention To What She’s Saying

Put your phone away. Again, put your phone away. You need to give her your attention, even if she is not giving you attention. You have to be without your phone essentially, and make her know that you are into her. That means focus on her eyes, and smile, without focusing on things outside of her view or any screens around you. When you’re with her, pay attention to her, and listen. Watch her, and show that you’re enthralled with her, so that she knows that you’re different. The worst thing that you can do when trying to figure out how to get girl to like you, is to not pay attention to her.

Go Somewhere Spicy

Here’s a great way to work through a nice dinner date, ask her to go somewhere spicy. Thai food, for instance is a good option. But here’s the deal, don’t go too high on the spice yourself. If she’s not into spicy food, don’t worry, you just need to be one spice level above her, and be careful, cause this could back fire. If she’s into spice, then you may be fighting against her to get to the spiciest element. But that’s good, because she will find you adventurous, and endearing. That’s a glorious thing that will get her to like you faster than most other options.

Smell Good

You want to get a girl’s attention, then smell good. You have to make sure that you’re smelling great, or you will not get far, it’s that simple. Many men don’t know about this, and others do. You will want to work with a good deodorant, but also have cologne. A little goes a long way here, but you want her to remember what you smell like. You need to find a cologne that women like, and just stick to it. Don’t overdo it, and just make sure that you smell good wherever you go. That’s going to help you get her to like you, and it will be much easier to date when she’s attracted to you being around and smelling great for her. A good smell will easily get girl to like you.

Make Her Laugh

If you can make a girl laugh, you’re in. Seriously, the best way to work with how to get girl to like you is to make her laugh. If you can do this even a few times, she’s going to want to be with you for a while. This is a great option that is going to pay off dividends. You don’t have to try and force it, but try to figure out what makes her laugh. Once you know what makes her smile, do it, and keep letting her know you like her. If you can get girl to like you by making her laugh, you’re in good graces.

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