How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

Today’s modern dating requires you to do things with digital elements. That include chatting, flirting, and even asking a girl out. If you are not sure how to ask a girl out over text, you are already half a step behind everyone else. Millions of people today communicate through the notion of texting, and if you are ready to date, then you need to know how to do this. If you aren’t learning how to ask a girl out over text, then you must either be an expert or on your way to learning how to do this effectively.

Get Her Number First

The first thing is simple, you need to get her number. Before you can ever learn how to ask a girl out over text, you need to have their number. Now, you need to make sure it is a real number, so send a test text before you leave. Many guys have picked up a phone number, put it in their phone, and then realized that it was a fake number. Test it on the spot by sending a sample text in front of them. This will catch them in a lie and will get you the real number. If they gave you the real one, then you’re set, and you can move on.

Text That You Were Thinking About Her

As you start to pick up how to ask a girl out over text, make sure that you text about how you were thinking of her. That’s right, you need to make sure that she knows that you’re not just another friend. You need to differentiate yourself from a social element that many trap themselves into. You want to date her, right? Well then make sure that she knows you were thinking about her, and would love to chat sometime. If she’s ready to chat, then start texting more, and go back and forth with that. If she’s not ready to chat, you’ll know it because she won’t be able to answer or will tell you to call or text her later.

Just Do It!

You can research how to ask a girl out over text all you want, but if you don’t process the act, you are not going to get anywhere. To ensure that you are able to communicate further with any girl, just ask her out. Text that you were thinking of her, and then lead that into literally asking her to go out on a date. Have a date in mind, and make sure that it’s in public, and then see what happens. You’ll be surprised by how simple this may be. Just make sure that you are not tip toeing around this.

The people that get stuck in the friend zone usually don’t ask girls out. They try to figure out how to ask a girl out over text, but never really do it. You can avoid all of that by being bold, being confident, and bracing yourself for the reality of a yes, or a “no”. Whatever the case is, if you just ask, you can’t lose big.