Deciphering The First Text To A Girl

Modern dating usually means that you have to go into the digital age. You have to get a phone number, and call them. You have to approach things differently than any other times in the past. If you are going to move forward with any girl, you’ll need to even text them. However, the first text to a girl is going to define things moving forward or backwards. What option should you chase here? Seriously, which is going to help you get them to like you more? In regards to figuring out what first text to a girl, you’ll need to come up with ideas that are going to help you climb up the proverbial ladder of their heart. Cliché as it sounds, you can’t just text a girl and have her fall for you without that initial first text. That’s what we will explore below.

More Than Just Hello

Avoid saying one word things. Don’t just say, “sup”, or “hello”. Instead, focus on something bigger. Think about what you want to say to them, and if you’re stumped, go with a full sentence greeting. Something like, “hey, how are you doing, I was just thinking about you”. That’s it. That’s such a simple text that you can’t mess it up. Of course, some will want to shorten it, use emoticons and more. Don’t go that route. Instead, just keep things simple, and say hello overall. If you can get to the point where you’re friendly with them up front, you will no doubt get a good movement forward.

Ask A General Question

Perhaps you are beyond the hello stage. If that’s the case, in regards to the first text to a girl, you should ask a question. Ask them if they saw the full moon the other night, or if they caught a show. Just a general question could help you get them to open up and get moving forward. Asking a generalized question is the safest way to get them to talk to you, and perhaps get moving forward with texts and even a date. The one thing you don’t want to ask is something that is going to be too simple. That’s why you should ask a general question that may lead to something more than just, “yes” or “no”.

Be Patient With Texting

You may have the best idea for a first text to a girl. You may even want to send it to her at any moment, but avoid that. In fact, be patient when texting. Don’t push it, and don’t try to wedge yourself into their lives. You don’t want to come across as a creepy person, or someone that is impatient and wants to takeover their lives. If you focus on patience, and you text them with the right elements, you’ll be fine. The first text to a girl shouldn’t be something that needs an immediate answer. Let them mull it over. Also, don’t follow up your first text to a girl with a question mark, or something that makes you seem impatient either. Wait an ample amount of time, and then ask if they got your text, as sometimes the first text could go to the wrong person.

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