How To Charm A Girl The Easy Way

In today’s modern world, dating has become a bit too easy at times. People go with hooking up more often than dating. If you want to learn how to charm a girl, then go away from the hookup applications and instead look at being a gentleman. Today, you can learn how to charm a girl easily, if you just focus on a few simple steps. The following options are going to help you understand what women want, and how you can deliver on the premise. Of course, you can always just hope that your charm and wit is easy to move forward with, but honestly, you need to know a few things before you can engage this channel.

Open Doors

The first thing that you can do to figure out how to charm a girl is to open doors. When you open up doors, you are going to find yourself different than others. Few men today are doing this. The number one complaint that women have in regards to dating is that men are not gentleman. The simple act of opening doors is going to send a message to her that you are different. Remember, you want to be different, you want to stand out, and you want to win her heart. Charming her becomes easy with this simple starting point.

Pay For Dinner

Some men don’t want to be taken advantage of, and some women will do this. This is a part of dating, however. Pay for dinner, and insist on it. If you’re not going out to dinner, then pay for her coffee, drink, or whatever. You don’t need to spend a lot of money here, you just need to pay and expect nothing. That’s right, expect nothing in return. If you really want to learn how to charm a girl, then make sure that you focus on this and you do not try to force yourself into a new element. Don’t try to shoehorn yourself into sex, or anything like that. Even if you pay a lot of money for dinner, just be nice, and stick to being charming and a gentleman.

Cook For Her

Ah, yes, the best way to learn how to charm a girl is to learn to cook. Once you have at least one dish down, cook for her. Make sure that you use candlelight, soft music, and you focus on putting forth your best effort in regards to cooking. This is something that many people don’t really think about at first glance. Even if you don’t know how to cook, figure it out. You can find videos, recipes, or take a class. You don’t have to be a chef, but you should be able to cook at least one option for someone you like.

Honestly, if you’re serious about learning how to charm a girl, then the above is going to work. These things are not lost on women, and you will delight them with something grand. Just remember, these are not things that should be done all at once, take your time, and see how it all goes for you.

How To Be A Better Kisser

One of the best things that you can do to improve your dating life is to learn how to be a better kisser. This is something that many people assume that they know. If you think that you don’t need to learn how to be a better kisser, then you’re probably bad at it. You want to be able to get a girl hot for you with just a kiss, and that comes with a little practice. But how can you practice? Well, that’s the conundrum that many face, and it’s something that you can definitely overcome if you focus on a few simple tips moving forward.

Practice On Fruit

The first thing that you can do is get a round piece of soft fruit. Practicing kissing on a fruit can help you by learning how to press your lips in a kissing position. Of course, this works in regards to how to be a better kisser with something simple, inanimate, and well, it’s odd. But the goal here remains the same, you want to learn how to get better. This will help you with how you move your mouth, and how you use your lips, tongue and more. You need to find a pattern that is comfortable, and how to put your lips around something, but not push too much. You should work with soft fruit so that it gives a little and if you push too hard, you know it.

Move Up To Your Hand

This is going to be strange, but you should find colored chap stick. You want to apply chap stick to your lips and then kiss your hand. You want to do this so that you can get a pattern on your hand. This will help you figure out how you’re kissing and what you need to change. This is just a matter of figuring out how to be a better kisser overall. You don’t have to overthink this, but you should know what you’re doing and how it looks on the skin. This will give you a mental picture so that you can improve over time. Of course, this will not be the end, but it’s something that you should definitely consider overall.

Just Go With It

Here is the toughest option to consider when you’re trying to learn how to be a better kisser, and it’s to just go with it. When you’re dating someone, and you’re ready to move to the point where you kiss, just kiss them. Lean in and have them lean in with you and kiss. You’ll start to move alongside them, and they will tell you if you are doing something wrong or you’re doing something right. Just go with it, and you’ll figure this out overall. If you’re really bad at kissing, then ask them to show you how to be a better kisser. You’re going to find that girls are willing to teach and coach, if you’re honest with them. Just don’t assume that you know it all. When you assume this, you are not going to go far with a girl, that’s for sure.