Revolutionary Sex Review


Revolutionary Sex is an interesting solution for those that are looking at sex and are bored. It’s also for anyone that is not fulfilled in their sex life at all. Whether you’re married, single, or you just want a helping hand getting better at sex, this is going to change everything for, according to the author. It’s easy to just dismiss this as another sex manual, but honestly, it’s a lot more. There’s a lot going on here, and once you start to peel away what is really going on here, you’re going to find that the guide is far more useful than anything else you’ve read on the notion of better sex. Simply put, this is going to push you towards the right elements of making love, and fulfilling your needs sexually, as well as those you partner up with.

The author, Alex Allman, has been getting a lot of attention because of this book. In fact, you’re going to find that it’s an absolutely interesting title because of what it offers beyond the initial title. Here’s the thing, many people will see this and assume it’s light on real world advice, and heavy on the porn style writings that many others have pushed. It’s not. In fact, you’re going to find that this is a lot deeper than anything you’ve read before, and it could very well change your life. With that in mind, consider the following break down of Revolutionary Sex and how it may help you and your love life today.

The Basic Information

Sex coaches have actually used the information that has been found in Revolutionary Sex to teach those with sexual dysfunction as a whole. You may find yourself dealing with a variety of issues related to the bedroom. You may be married, and the sex has sizzled to nothing. Many people deal with this issue, and honestly, it’s difficult to imagine changing. Here’s the thing, this is not a book that is going to change your life overnight. You have to apply what it is stated, and Allman discusses that. He leads in with the information, but not without telling you that you should change the way that you think about sex.

You see, the average person thinks of this as a dynamic element. They think about pornography and the images that they’ve been shown about how to make love, have sex, and satisfy a lover. While those are in fact real images, and people are doing those things, it’s not meant to be emulated. Those are escapes, fantasies, and nothing more than that. When men and women get together in the real world, those things could happen, but more often than not, they don’t happen. The reason why they don’t happen is because men and women are dynamic, and have more than 2 dimensional feelings when it comes to sex, and communication.

The basic information that you are going to find within this book sets the record straight about sex. You’ll find that you’ll get answers to questions that you may think you know. For instance, how long you should have sex for, and whether or not size matters. Allman goes into details about the real world facts about sex, and you get all the information that you need to get started on a different route for your sex life.

For the beginner, this is going to be absolutely great. If you’re stubborn and you assume that you already know everything about sex, you’re in for a long issue. In fact, many people second guess what they read because they’ve been told the opposite. If you’re one of the many people that have been conditioned to think that you need a big penis, and be a dynamo in the sack, you’re going to hate some of the things in the book. The things that are discussed realign the right elements of sex so that you enjoy it, but better yet, you enjoy it with a partner. There’s so much at the beginning stages, that you may want to even take notes on what you’re going to learn. There’s a lot here, and it’s told in a very approachable manner.

The Bigger Picture

While the beginner will definitely find this manual to be quite good, it’s the deeper lessons that really attract people. You’re going to find that there are a lot of different elements to this guide, including mistakes that you’re going to be making. That’s right, it highlights the mistakes that men make when they are with women. It also talks about the misunderstandings that can happen in the bedroom. You’re going to be absolutely surprised by how the information is layered here, because many people assume that sex is just simple, and you go for it, and that’s it.

Allman breaks down what you need to stop doing, and what you need to start doing. The notion of a revolutionary sex guide is definitely seen here in how you are told how to approach this subject. The bigger picture is not pleasure for the sake of it. You are going to have to rethink everything if you assume that the pleasure element is only about you and your needs. Nope. In fact, the guide is going to help you structure sexual activity as something that you give, so that your energy goes to someone else, and then returns to you.

This concept of a bigger picture in terms of sex is definitely a new concept for some. If you have been used to just having sex in the same old positions, and getting through the process to finish, you’re going to be surprised. The Revolutionary Sex manual is going to shine light on why that’s bad, and how you could actually end up losing your partner as a result. Many men and women divorce, break up, and end up wondering what they did wrong, when all they had to do was learn some simple tips on how to give pleasure, and how to focus on the needs of others during their love making. That’s all talked about in the book, because at the end of the day, the bigger picture is about love, and sex, not just raw animalistic sexual activity.

A Forward Push

As you move forward through the guide, you’re going to find that Allman doesn’t just give you advice on how to start. You may already be advanced. There’s people that already know the beginner’s elements found in this book. If you already know those things, then you can move forward. There’s a lot of things talked about that are meant for simplicity, but if you want something more challenging, you get that too. What most people don’t realize is that the content here is not just “one” sided. Yes, the title points towards one thing, but there’s a lot more information that you are going to get.

For those that are looking for real results, Allman describes what you need to know from both men and women’s perspectives. That’s right, you are going to get moving forward with the mindset of men and women alike. When you understand both sides of this, you will end up with a positive experience moving forward. It’s something that many people don’t really understand until they are in the midst of trying out the moves that are given to them. The content can get a bit difficult to manage if you’re looking to speed through the information, and that’s one thing that you will not like.

Some of the critics of this guide have noted that sex can be a bit difficult to manage when you’re dealing with all the steps layered through this book. That’s one thing that you have to realize, this is not a quick fix. While you can read through the information as fast as you’d like, you will not be able to fix any sexual dysfunction within 1 sitting. You may have to work towards it, and Allman discusses how to do that. He talks about how you may need to switch roles in sex, and focus on building up the right components overall so that you enjoy it, but more importantly, your partner enjoys it as well. You’re going to love how things are discussed, especially if you’re looking for a new way to look at sexual health and focus on the greater good.

Bonus and Upgrades

When you pick this up, you get very slight upgrades. For instance, you will get some video demonstrations that can help you look at how sex can change and revolutionize for you. However, you are not going to get as many upgrades as many other options. That’s not a bad thing, it just means that the information that has gone into Revolutionary Sex is enough to get you moving forward. The goal of course is to see sex in a new way, and actually get results.

Does It Really Help?

Here’s the million-dollar question, does it really help? When you purchase Revolutionary Sex, you may be tempted to try things out immediately. You shouldn’t. In fact, Allman talks about how you need to really grasp the concepts of the sexual health elements of this guide before you move forward. The reason why you should be taking your time is because you need to understand things from a mental perspective. Many people think that sex is just physical, which is why they are not satisfied. It’s not that way. The guide helps you get into the mindset for better sex, because one you push the right element forward, you will be able to behave in a manner that pays off dividends for your overall sexual health.

There’s something grand about what Allman discusses in this guide, and you can apply things over time. Of course, you can try to rush through it, but it’s not going to help you out. The guide is meant for beginners to learn, and for more experienced individuals to change up how they approach sex from different angles. This is not a guide like the Kama Sutra, mind you. Some people will look at the title and expect it to be a guide that is very much like that guide or others. It’s not.

Allman has gone to great lengths to discuss how to achieve the right kind of orgasm, how to get a woman to want you more, and how to go beyond the notion of just normal, missionary sex. That’s the one thing that most people don’t get from their sex life. If you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, this is going to change things up for you.

Pros and Cons

Before you purchase Revolutionary Sex, consider a few notes on whether or not this is a good guide for you. There are a few pros and cons worth considering, as they shine light on whether or not Allman’s guide is still relevant today as it was when it was first put out.


•Easy To Read

•Focuses on Sex From Different Angles

•Talks About Men and Women’s Sexual Health

•Gives Practical Tips

•Works For Men and Women

•Has Some Live Demonstrations

•Focuses on Bigger Roles of Sex


•Won’t Change You Overnight

•Takes Time To Implement in Real Life


At the end of the day, this may all seem too easy. You just read Revolutionary Sex and you become good at sex, right? Well, that’s not what Alex Allman is talking about. Yes, you can do those things, but the goal is much larger. The goal here is to help you understand what you’re doing wrong, how to fix it, and how to implement pleasure that is good for you and your partner. Whether you’re married, a beginner, or just curious as to how to get better at sex, this is a guide that works on a lot of levels. However, it is not a “one night” thing. You will need to focus on changing a few things about the way that you approach sex, then see how it all works out for you. >>>Go to Revolutionary Sex


Make Women Want You Review

jason-capital-make-women-want-youMake Women Want You is a solution that has been gaining a bit of ground lately, because people are starting to catch onto the ideas that the book presents. Jason Capital is the man behind this product, and it’s an interesting option for the beginner that isn’t sure how to get women. Unlike other options, this focuses on a lot of details for the beginner. The whole option focuses on the preliminary steps that most other books talk about, but never really go into deep levels with.

At first glance, you’re going to find that this may seem simple, and somewhat missing information. However, when you actually peel things back, you’re going to find that there’s a lot more to this plan of action than meets the eye. What you’re going to find is that there are elements that you can and can’t control overall. In fact, Capital goes out of his way to ensure that you are not just given a list of one liners, he goes into depth on the psychological elements that make women tick.

The biggest point of interest here is in what doesn’t work and why. Many men think that they know how to get women, but that’s not the real way to do it. Sure, there are some that can get minor successes, but getting the most out of dating? That’s something that is going to take on a lot more work. That’s the big thing that you should focus on here. You’re going to find that if you look at this with real world focus, you’ll end up with a positive push forward. In fact, you may very well spruce up your dating game if you just focus on some of the bigger picture elements found in this package.

The Basic Information

If you purchase Make Women Want You, you are going to get an eBook and some bonus material. The package may not seem very deep, but it’s very important to consider overall. You’re going to find that the big thing here is that you are going to be able to get the basics down up front. The basics here teach you that you should learn how to create high value small talk. That’s right, you should know more than just an opening line, but rather how to escalate that into something more complex. It’s something that most people don’t really think about at first glance.

Once you figure this option out, you’ll find that you can build up the elements that you need, and actually gain access to going out with more women, and get them past the initial friend stage. If you’re just friends with women, you will not get their approval to get beyond the friend zone. With that in mind, you’ll find that the basic information is found within a simple 3-step formula that is given to you through the eBook and information.

The basic elements are in regards to what you should say, how you should say, and when you should say. This all may seem easy to figure out at first glance, but you’re going to find that it takes on a whole new world when you put it into practice. Jason goes on to discuss the problems that you are no doubt going to see up front. The issues that you are going to find will definitely become easier to manage when you are given a picture of how to gain access to better conversational elements.

The Bigger Picture

Here’s the thing about Make Women Want You, it’s not for the “player”. If you already get women, and you have been dating for some time, you may find some of the information to be rudimentary. That’s fine. The whole purpose of this eBook and plan of action is not meant for the experienced, serial dater. You may actually get bored with some of the information if you don’t focus on the right pieces. In fact, if you are not looking to get further with women, then this is going to bore you.

If you aren’t having the right dates, or you are not getting the hottest women you desire, this is going to shine light on the mistakes that you are making. Many people are making mistakes, and they are not seeing the bigger picture. Look, every man is going to have problems overall. They are going to struggle if they don’t know what they are doing. That’s where Jason comes in. The bigger picture is to correct the issues that you may be having. You are having problems, or else you wouldn’t need help, right? Well that’s the big thing here.

If your goal is to be more “natural” at approaching women, then this is definitely going to help you out. The goal of course is to figure out how your own personality will help you when in real world situations. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then read carefully how to manage the different elements that you will encounter.

A Forward Push

It’s important to realize that Make Women Want You is more than just a manual on how to talk to women, because it’s not just that. What you are going to find within the pages is actually more complex than that. You will find that the things he mentions and analogies created are rooted within real world characterizations. You’ll also get a bit of pop culture thrown into the mix. You’ll see why characters like Tyler Durden, from the movie and book “Fight Club” are so intriguing. There’s a reason why women like characters like this, and you can learn from them.

There’s a fine line here. There is a fine line between learning and experiencing rejection, which is an interesting point to look at. Jason doesn’t guarantee that on day one you’re going to be swimming in women. Instead, he tries to discuss how you need to make subtle changes and tweaks to who you are. Don’t worry, you are not going to be turned into a new person, that has lost all sense of honesty. Many men focus on change and assume that there are extremes to be had. That’s not the case at all. In fact, you’ll find that if you go to the extreme, you are going to miss the point of what Make Women Want You is trying to teach.

Jason goes into details as to how you can become the attractive guy in the bar, and that forward momentum is going to carry you through many situations. He defines the concepts of bars, clubs, and many other areas that are supposed to have singles. He’ll even describe what to look for, what to do, and how to do it when you’re going to these places. There’s a plan of action that speaks to what you should wear, what drinks you should order, what you should be looking at, and so much more.

If you’re not getting women when you are going out, this is going to highlight why you aren’t getting anywhere. In fact, you’re going to be surprised by how easy it is to fall behind on some of the easiest tips found within this guide.

No “Magic” Found Here

When most people read about Make Women Want You, they assume it’s a “super” book. It’s a good one. But you have to remember that this is not going to magically turn you into a Casanova. Many people assume that they just read a few lines, get a quick guide, and then start getting laid. That’s not what Jason is talking about. In fact, you’re going to be disappointed if you’re looking for a success level that is going to mirror rock stars. This is not a book that is going to get you into porn star level status, because it’s not meant for that. Instead, it focuses on real world elements overall.

If you approach this with the right frame of mind, you’re going to see that it helps you create allure, and focus with women in the real world. You are not going to just hit on women, get their numbers, and then sleep with them. Instead, you’re going to be creating valuable elements of speech, and will decide whether or not you want them or not. You’ll also be able to get them to talk to you, instead of having to approach them all the time.

By creating realistic levels of success, you’re going to find that you will not be anxious or hard-pressed to figure out what is going on with your results. You’re going to be able to gain the upper hand in any situation and will decide whether or not you want someone. Think about that for a moment. Imagine turning the tables on women out there. Instead of having them reject you, you could actually light up a room and reject them. Now, this is not a cruel thing, it’s just the focus of the guide, to help you make decisions instead of feeling the sting of rejection all the time. The results are real, and it’s not a magical overnight kind of guide.

Bonus and Upgrades

When you purchase Make Women Want You, you are going to get a few upgrades. The upgrades include more guides as to how to talk to women, how to be charming, and a full presentation on how to get past the initial first date. You will also be given a subscription trial for The Masters of Dating Inner Circle, which will help you connect with dating advice, coaching, and much more. You don’t have to stay with that if you don’t want to, but it will shine light on a community that you may not get anywhere else.

The upgrades alone here are worth investigating this product further. You’re going to find that it’s focused on helping you build your life of dating into a new world. If you are tired of being alone all the time, this is going to change that. It’s going to help you not only get dates, but also help you with sexual health. That’s right, one of the bonuses that you will get is in regards to sexual language, and skill. Imagine being able to rock anyone’s world in a matter of minutes, and get them to never forget their experience with you. That’s the kind of power the bonuses have in this option. Often times, you don’t get a lot of extras when you hire a dating coach or get his program. That’s not the case here, you will get additional options to help you complete the dating circle from beginner to expert.

Pros and Cons

Before you spend any money on Make Women Want You, consider a few pros and cons related to this solution. This is going to help make your final decision as to whether or not this is a good option for your dating needs.


•Simple To Use

•Easy To Read

•Basic Information

•Upgrades and Bonuses Feature Expert Advice

•Well Reviewed

•Low Cost

•Focuses on Real World Advice


•You Have To Put In Some Work

•You Have To Make Changes In Your Life


At the end of the day, you can be told that Make Women Want You is the greatest option ever. But you have to put in some work on your own. You need to look at the elements found within this guide. What is good is that you don’t have to second guess what Jason is talking about. You are given real world examples, step by step changes, and updates, and a blueprint to focus on getting hotter women. From how you look, to how you smell, and what you say, you’re going to get real world advice.

Look, this is not for the “player”, it’s for those that aren’t satisfied with their dating life. If you want more women, this is going to tell you how to get it done, from a psychological perspective. Simply put, it works, and that’s the best thing about this. Test it, and you very well may meet the woman of your dreams in a matter of days. >>>Go to Make Women Want You