Eye Contact Flirting Done Right

When you’re looking at dating anyone, you have to use every part of your body to ensure that you are sending the right messages. The reasons why many men don’t get that elusive phone number, or get the girl of their dreams is because they don’t know this. For instance, you will need to focus on how you’re standing, sitting, and of course the notion of eye contact flirting. If you’re not using your eyes properly, she’s going to know that you’re nervous, or perhaps lacking confidence, and that’s a turn off. You can search online for eye contact flirting, and find a lot of opinions on the matter. But what should you really do? What should you really focus on? That’s all going to take a bit of time to work on, but if you look at a few tips and tricks, you can get it down fast.

Connect With The Eyes

Don’t move your head. When trying to focus on eye contact flirting, don’t move your head a lot. Some men think that eye contact means navigating the neck and face around to match their partners. Nope. You need to really be in control of your eyes, so that she can see that you’re looking at her when she talks, and she knows that you’re there. Even if she’s telling you something boring, you have to watch her eyes, and keep on her. Don’t look at the girls around you, even if they have nice racks, focus on her, and only her. This may take a little practice, but it’s worth it overall.

Your Gestures Matter Too

In relationship to eye contact flirting, you have to be careful as to how you use your gestures. Your eyebrows, your smile, your looks all go hand in hand with your eyes. If you aren’t careful, you could be sending the wrong message here. To ensure that you’re doing something positive, make sure that your gestures are all confined to positives. Don’t get too over excited, don’t overreact, simply keep calm, and listen. Make sure that you’re not illustrating a sense of over zealousness, as it is going to show up in your face and eyes.

Look Deeply Into Her Eyes

When you have moments alone, and there are a few quite minutes, make sure that you look deeply into her eyes. Part of the eye contact flirting element is finding her eyes when there is quiet moments around you. Look deeply into her eyes, and if the mood strikes lean in a little. By doing this and keeping your eyes locked, you’ll find that a kiss may come through. If she doesn’t lean in, then at least you have her gaze and attention in your eyes.

Eyes are a powerful thing. They can help you gain the upper hand in any situation, but especially when flirting. If you’re focused on eye contact flirting, you will no doubt pick up more women, and find yourself amidst more dates, and much more good times. Just remember, take your time and focus on your gestures, posture, and how you come across with your looks.

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