6 Tips On How To Ask A Girl For Her Number Like A Pro – Never Rejected By Women

how to ask a girl for her number

When it comes to asking women out, you are going to need their number. Don’t ask for their email, don’t get their KIK name, instead, look into asking them out with relative ease, and get their number. Not sure how to ask a girl for her number? That’s ok, a lot of people don’t know how to do this, and you’re not alone. However, you can work up to it if you just know the secrets of how to ask a girl for her number. You may be baffled by this at first, but don’t, because you’re going to find there are some tricks of the trade in regard to how to ask a girl for her number, and some of them are not about asking, and you’ll see why.

The No Asking Approach

The first option that you want to pursue is the solution that many people are thinking about right now, it’s not to ask. That may sound odd in conjunction with figuring out how to ask a girl for her number, but it’s true. There are some experts that say you should not ask them. The reason why is because you’re going to give them power. You don’t want to do that, because she will often say, no. Just don’t ask. If she wants to give you her number, she will.

Just Tell Her To Do So

This sounds insane, right? That’s pretty crazy for some, but it’s true. You can learn how to ask a girl for her number by simply getting it from her straight away. The secret to this is simple, you need to compliment her and circle around her giving you her number. For instance, tell her that you loved talking to her, or chatting, or just about any compliment that you can think of, and then say something positive. Instead of asking, tell her, “give me your number and we can chat some more later, or tomorrow”, etc. This is normal, and she will agree if the conversation is already going well. Of course, you have to initiate a conversation, but it’s better than asking and getting told, “no”.

Ask Directly As You Talk

In the midst of talking to a girl you like, during a small break ask what her number is outright. “What’s your number, so I don’t forget to ask”, is a great line. That leads them to a comfortable place, and will help you get the number right away, and you could focus on other things overall. It’s no doubt something that is positive and will help you get the number fast. This is such a simple question that most will not say no, and won’t even feel pressure talking to you about it.

Forego Asking, Give Instead

Who said you had to get a girl’s number? It’s 2017, why not give away your number outright. That’s right, you can easily give your number away and get the answer you want in a better way. That’s right, you could just give your number to a girl you like and tell her to call or text you. Trust in this process, because if she likes you, you will get her number without even asking. Not only that, you’re going to be able to get into a conversation with her via text and other options with relative ease. It’s a positive option that you no down are going to want to pursue overall.

Exchange Numbers Instead of Asking

Another solution that you may want to pursue is a simple one, ask to exchange. Better yet, just say, “let’s trade numbers”, and that’s it. You will give your number away and she will give you her number. This is a positive thing that is going to pay off dividends, and will no doubt be a serious solution that is worth pursuing. She is not going to deny the process of getting a number, and you can even keep talking if you’d like. Just remember to work this into the end of your conversation, and don’t forget. Don’t get scared, you’re going to get the number right now.

Don’t Lie

Now that you have some tips on how to get her number, don’t steal it. Don’t lie, don’t try to ask her friends, and just talk to her directly. You have to be a bit more confident, and use the tips mentioned above. If you lie, or you pull it from Facebook or something, she’s going to think it’s creepy. It’s not a good thing to work through. It’s important.

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