3 Things That Will Help You With Chatting Up Women In Shops

There are a lot of different ways that you can meet women. One way to do it is through shopping. Shopping is an easy way to talk to a lot of women overall. However, as you push the boundaries in this arena, you’ll need to focus on chatting up women in shops in a very specific manner. There are a few things that you’ll want to do in regards to this situation, which can help you get moving forward past the cordial stage, and into a dating profile element.

Smile and Be Casual

The first tip that you will want to consider is simple, smile and be casual. No matter what shop you’re in, you need to make sure that you’re smiling. Don’t go into a shop with a frown, and try to just be jovial. Look at what a woman is shopping for, and perhaps look into the same aisle. Make eye contact, and say good morning, or good afternoon. Your goal is to break the ice, and just make a quick, kind, gesture. If they smile and look at you more than once, ask them a few questions about their day, etc. From there you will be able to progress, if they’d like.

Be Confident In How You Walk and Talk

For the purpose of chatting up women in shops, you are going to want to make sure that you are confident as you approach any woman. You will want to walk and talk with them. That means that you will not want to just approach them with anything but confidence. Your confidence level and the way that you speak with them will determine whether or not you’ll progress with chatting up women in shops, or get rejected outright. To help you here, practice at home, talking into a mirror and learn some opening lines.

Learn Simple Lines

One of the best things that you can do in order to really start chatting up women in shops, is to learn quick, simple lines. You want to break the ice, but not with a “one liner” from the dating world. You could learn how to notice simple things that a woman has on, including her scent. Make a comment about how it’s pleasant, or her hair is nice, something gentle as an opener. Then ask about their day, and see if they are even interested in chatting. You’ll be surprised how this will work within moments, if they are interested. If not, then just move along, there are a lot of shopping areas that you can work towards chatting up women in shops.

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