3 Reasons Why Girls Go For Bad Guys

When it comes to dating, you’re going to find that you will often ask yourself, why girls go for bad guys, and it will not be easy to answer. This is the same kind of question that has been asked time and time again in the past. How can you really understand this? Well, there are some answers that cut to the heart of the problem. If you’re serious about dating a girl that seems to only go for bad guys, then it’s imperative that you look at the following simple reasons why this happens. Once you know why girls go for bad guys, you will be able to emulate a few things and actually get the girl of your dreams.

They Are Confident

The first thing that is true is simple, they are confident. The confidence level of a bad guy is through the roof. Even if they are secretly insecure, you would never know it. They don’t let anyone see that they are vulnerable at all. They are confident no matter how you slice it, and that goes a long way with girls. When you can exhibit this sort of hardnosed confidence, you will be able to command a room and move forward within any arena, fast.

They Are Tough

The next thing that you’ll realize about why girls go for bad guys is in regards to their toughness. Most bad guys can fight, and have been in fights. They are also intimidating to other men, and will not take any guff from people. They are headstrong, and they will act out in violence to protect themselves and others. They have no second thoughts about this, and other bad guys know it. A good guy won’t showcase that sort of intimidation, and few good guys are really strong at self-defense, or at least showing it off.

They Don’t Care About Rejection

Here’s the biggest thing about why girls go for bad guys, and it’s the lack of fear. They don’t fear or care about rejection. When they ask a girl out, if she says no, they move on, and they don’t linger on it. This alone attracts girls of all ages. They will want to move forward with a bad guy simply because they don’t want to miss out. It’s a simple element that you will no doubt want to explore on a deeper level. If you stop caring about rejection, and gain some confidence, you will not ask about why girls go for bad guys.

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